Where to find Nifty Historical Expiry Data?

I need Historical data for Nifty on expiry days. On nse.com they are providing data for all the days. Is there any site providing data for expiry days only ? Thanks.

Here you go, I dont know any straight forward way.

But you can download the Nifty historical daily data since 2000 (for all days) in excel sheet. (I assume you already know this, how to do.)

Then filter only the expiry dates of Nifty

The expiry dates of nifty can be found here. In a year only 12 will be there.

So just type in excel manually by looking at these dates. Later paste it in daily data excel and insert blank cells for dates in between expiries, later select the unwanted row and delete them.



Try http://www.getbhavcopy.com

Try http://www.getbhavcopy.com/. Its free and easy to use. Also can be integrated with Amibroker to MT.

Thanks for the help.