Where to get information on how many crores FII bought/sold today?

Every day in news I see such information, FIIs were net buyers/sellers and how many crores!

“foreign institutional investors were net buyers in equities to the tune of Rs 1,276 crore on Tuesday”

Where to see such information? It it from NSE site? Please provide link

Do we get information for Domestic Institutional Investors also?

Does the statement means deliverable quantity only (without intraday)?

When will this information be announced everyday, at what time?

Earlier SEBI used to publish this data, now I suppose depositaries are. Here is the link for teh same

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NSE gives the activity report by FII and DII at the end of every day on their site. Check the links below. 



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This information you will not get before the trade is done, it is given by NSE after the party is over. So should be no relevance or least relevance for retails traders like you and me.

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So this means the number of crores includes pure intraday trades too, without taking delivery?