Where to write a code on Pi software to screen out the list of stocks?

Lets say, if i have to find the list of stocks which are in downtrend for past 15 days and touching 9 day ema. IN WHICH window will i write this code ?

  1. Go To Alerts and then Scanner

    A New Window will get Opened.

  2. Press New Scanner

    Give it a Name and Write Condition in the Box ( Below the Name Box )

    Select the Period Type, Bar Interval & No of Days.

  3. Add Symbols by clicking on the “Add Symbols”

    In That You can Add the Scrips which you want to Scan

  4. After Completing the Above Process Select the Scanner in the List

    And then Press Load. It will display the Results.

Hope This Information is helpful for you.

Thanks for your quick response. However, is it not possible that i don’t need to add scripts manually ? Is it possible that scripts should pop up automatically once they enter my trade set up ? #focusing only on nifty stocks.