Where will I recieve Money more

I bought banknifty 10th march 35800 CE at 310 and if I sell at 370 will I earn more in option square off strike price - bank nifty level
something like that please explain @ShubhS9

Calculating P&L is easy. You’re buying at 310 and squaring-off at 370, the difference between your buy and sell price will be your P&L.

To learn about Options in detail, would suggest you read this module on Varsity:

by reading your posts, it seems that you are new to trading, so i suggest you first learn everything before you trade. for new traders, the option trading is a life destroying event, so pls stay away from that without having complete knowledge.
once you have taken complete knowledge, start paper trading, if that looks profitable, then start with low capital with goo risk management.