Where would i find roll over data for NFO scrips?

I want to know how many people [quantity] have closed the position is near month contract and simultaneously created a similar position in next month contract [for a particular scrip- like Nifty/ Tata etc.]. This would help me in estimating market sentiment on/ for that particular scrip.

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You can’t really find how many people have closed this month and opened next month contracts.

The only thing you can do is to track open interest of both this month and the next. If the OI is going down for this month and simultaneously going up for the next, I guess you can assume that it is the rollover happening (but no guaranteed way to find this).

One of the ways to help figure sentiment is, if the price of stock is going up and if you find the current month losing OI and next month not adding OI, it could mean that the shorts are covering up. If the OI for the next month is going up in the same scenario, that could mean the longs are rolling over. If the OI for next month is going up significantly with increase in price, that could mean that fresh longs are adding which probably signifies the most bullish among all the three scenarios mentioned.

But nothing guaranteed when you study OI, you can look at the glass half empty or half full.