Which banks support IPO - ASBA for minor demat?

I have a demat account in Zerodha for minor. Since UPI based IPO is not allowed, ASBA based IPO is the only way to apply fro IPO .

Which banks allow the ASBA-IPO process for minor savings account in their net banking? Checked with few banks, none of them are offering this option.

Hi Gowtham, here’s a list of SCSBs that support the ASBA facility, there are 53 banks listed: SEBI | Self-Certified Syndicate Banks under the direct ASBA facility (equity issuances)

I know this list, but I am specifically looking for applying ipo in minor demat using minor bank account. Many banks from the above list are not providing this option

Specifically I am looking for banks which provide online ASBA for minors for applying IPO. Some are providing only offline ASBA. I am ready to open the bank account there.