Which broker allows BO currently

Hi please can anyone suggest a reliable broker which provides BO currently. Been waiting a long time for BO but zerodha seems to have forgotten about it despite normal functioning of the markets for months.

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Fyers! and samco both are worth! Rest all SHIT! and BROKERAGE IS SHIT WITH UPSTOX. dont even try!

Wondering if you missed markets in last one week, maybe today also you may notice if markets followed other global markets.

@siva Come on man! Really sometimes your answer sounds like Wrong number BABA from PK Movie. I don’t see any broker in the entire nation blocked BO. I have 6 Broker accounts, I haven’t seen a single whole day BO has been blocked. Even on Covid early days’ blocked for a day.

Secondly, I understood that there is a HUGE RISK. But why others still offer it?

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Don’t think I am boasting about ourselves, to just give you perspective we handle more retail orders in a day than top 5 to 10 brokers in India to put together, at our scale offering BO is huge risk. We are the first broker who introduced BO to retail in India, we make more brokerage in BO as each leg is charged and loosing decent amount and clients by not offering it just to contain risk.


Siva sir, market is volatile always, earlier also I have seen 1000 points intraday but BO always worked, I dont know what has changed so much now.

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At what VIX level do you think it is is safe to bring BO back in Zerodha?
We are now down to around 20 from 60s.
Currently CO has very little room (just 20%).
I would love to have BO back :slight_smile:

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Stocks have become very volatile and facing many issues on both legs getting traded.

Vix alone is of not right way to look at volatility, you have seen how banknifty moved this week, 100 points in a minute.

Fair point. Don’t want to drag this further but that was the case (bnf moving fast) before as well, when BO was on its four legs!

Stocks are also moving wildly now, earlier also they used to but now the number and frequency has increased a lot.

whats wrong with upstox ?

@siva i was making good profit in BNF on fri , it was a cover order , but had to square off before 3:25 , can you allow us to convert CO/BO to nrml … like you allow converting mis to nrml

Upstox?? Did u say upstox? I would rather give my account password away than trade on that crap load company or whatever!! The system crashes 100 times in a single trading session it’s like flying in a plane and suddenly the pilot says “ADIOS” and jumps off wearing a parachute. .I don’t want that BRO!!

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Madhav bhai baat saari ye hai ki zerodha is number 1 and no one can contest that, due to this everyone wants to trade here, and there OI limit is breached, BO would mean more orders as many people just place them and go off to work, so they are not giving BO. No other reason plain and simple. This SEBI can’t provide any service on their own and won’t let other’s provide good service too.

Not possible.

great! you have 6 accounts!
what is your opinion on 5paise and samco ?

yeah. agree. Hats off to Zerodha development team on creating such fabulous platform. The best by far! But since it attracted toooo many clients, the OI problem and so on.
Wish there were no limitations in Zerodha…
Its like a wife. You love her but you are angry with her…


Samco is fine! 5 paisa! bulshit. I suggest fyers comparing to any other than Zerodha

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@Arpan Nothing wrong. Slower & very high brokerage. It’s not at all discount brokerage. They bulshit as so

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