Which broker is good for cryptocurrency

I am looking for broker cryptocurrency.
Any suggestions please

There are 2 famous in india :-


I think coinbase is best.


Are banks banning the accounts kink to crypto apps

RBI Advised banks to avoid any crypto related transactions and services with the Crypto broker Firm.

Working smoothly

Not all bank, i am able to tranfer with bank except icici

WazirX stopped INR deposits from Paytm bank.

in my view…one should stay away from this total gambling…have seen people lose huge money

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I’m using Binance because they have good volumes and supports all popular payment methods.

Binance has acquired WazirX.

See my Reply Again. I told that “RBI Advised” banks to “Avoid” transactions so its not a forecfull legal notification but it will depend upon bank to bank. Kotak mahindra bank and axis bank has restricted or limited the transactions after RBI’s Advisory.

Yes. Rather one who has proper knowledge about cryptos should only invest but 99% people who are investing in these cryptocurrencies don’t even know how it works and they are gambling there hard earned money and in the end they loose all. They are so Volatile. All the startup founders are continuously telling people to avoid these types of sham like @nithin in recent interview told investors to be cautious.

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Try Binance.

With crypto, you don’t have brokers, you have multiple exchanges. Today still we don’t have good exchanges in India. The spreads are wide in Indian exchanges. Binance is better but with p2p money transfering in any crypto, the underlying value of your money keeps changing plus trading or investing in a different value is emotionally draining

I can’t withdraw funds from the exchange for more than half a year!!! Verification has been completed, two-factor protection is enabled, but there is a restriction on any operations!!! Tech support first asked to pass verification- I did, they were silent for a long time and did not respond to tickets, two weeks ago the answer came that the account would be unblocked within three days, and again no action.