Which broker is life saver for traders Zerodha vs upstock vs flyers

Which broker is life saver for traders Zerodha vs upstox vs fyers

Why would or would not you choose Zerodha,
Why would or would not you choose upstox
Why would or would not you choose fyers

No promotions links are allowed, only real answers, full broker vs discount brokers

Is the question restricted only for traders or can investors also answer. I am sure it isfor both

The only reason i like icici direct which is a full broker is because my float money remains with my bank and only when i do a txn the amount get debited. Corporate actions and sell credits get credited to respective accounts without any delays

Icici direct is managed by icici securities which is a subsidiary of icici bank. This gives me a lot of comfort that the broker is not a group of private individuals.

Brokerage is hefty when compared to other discount brokers,but what the heck my investments are heavy too (according to me)

They do provide a good platform to buy/sell financial products. Never used their research etc as i do my own.

Disc. Biased to icici direct as they are my broker.

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anyone can answer with their honest and worst and bad experience

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If you want to reduce cost go for Finvasia. They charge zero brokerage and have zero account starting fees. Their trading app (PC, mobile, browser) is descent. API is free if you are looking for some programmatic trading. Support is great. Never faced a problem with execution as well. Backoffice needs lot of work.

If you wan’t a great backoffice go for zerodha. Note though that they have restrictions on deep OTM option strike trading.

I have no experience trading with Upstox, Fyers. But FYERS do have a great basket of products last time I checked. Also they have a broker comparison tool in their website itself Comparison with Peers - FYERS which pits them against some other brokers.

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Analysis Paralysis of what tools to use is trader’s biggest problem I feel. 90% all I hear traders talking about is only if I had that broker, that course, that much capital. that data, that setup, I would trade so much better. This is hardly ever the case, and mostly is a coping mechanism.

A good way to do it is not to ask how many thousand features a thing has, or what X platform is doing 0.002% better. It is to identify how you trade and what features you use 95% of the time and check which platform has these features better than others and then once selected to master that platform. Anything else and one is missing the forest for the trees.

ICICI Direct is worst broker , they will take away most of your profits , for example if you earn Rs.100 ,ICICI will get Rs.85 where as you will get Rs.15 , just imagine how good it is :slightly_smiling_face: it is good for “Techies” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , In case of UPSTOX their trading platform & service is not good, i suspect , Upstox trading platform developer is having color blindness :thinking:. At the end if you invest or trade with any Broker , now a days due to government regulations /SEBI its not like earlier , stock broker will runaway overnight.