Which broker provides best charting platform?

Which broker provides best charting platform and tools. ?

  1. Brower based

  2. Desktop application based

Kindly list your favorites

  1. Zerodha
  2. –

Upstox (but their trading platform is not good)

How. What’s the differences?

Fyers has very good online platform. They have tied up with tradingview.

I like KITE. Its Simple !
I also like Tradingview because of pinescript.

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Zerodha, Zerodha, Zerodha.

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Kite charts have become unstable like their trading platform. If you see 1 min chart along with higher duration you’ll see that it doesn’t refresh & at times shows weird candles. This has been reported by several people but still not fixed. In upstox there is absolutely no issue with charts, no need for manual refresh…multi-chart view is nice as they have panels & you can align it as you want. Kite multichart also has issues. Upstox only problem is the theme which is black background & they are still working on white theme…

Tradingview is the best platform as you can script it as per your need but unfortunately i don’t see F&O charts there…

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Are you using the free version?

yes, it’s unbearable.

Just look at this, erratically drawn candles and volumes, have to refresh it million times.