which broker provides best research

which broker provides best research? I’m selecting a broker, I’m new to stock market but have crypto trading experience.
i’m confused, if i should go for full service brokers as they charge more. i’m looking to trade intraday/ short term with small balance ~20k, so the fees will eat up profits.
i’ve technical analysis knowledge but not comfortable with fundamental analysis, i will learn that. In the meantime, i need help with research. what are some good sites/ tools for fundamental research, if i go for discount brokers?
please help

Zerodha has extensive free educational material called Varsity. You can read without opening an account.

I don’t know if brokers provide separate reading material for customers.

Nobody. There are vested interests and you have to take all these reports with a pinch of salt.

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Is he asking about the educational material provided by brokers or analysts’ reports from fund houses :thinking:

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i mean stock recommendations and trading calls. and research reports too.

Stock recommendation services are many, you have to go through their investing philosophy and choose, not just pick one.

Trading services I think are more than stock services, genuine ones, social media ones, all kinds exist.

Research reports which are in public domain are free, depending upon what we want to know about, we can read all the reports available on the particular sector, or particular stock, I don’t think we can pick one here too, but if the same analysts are covering a sector for some time, a few years, then we can give some weight to such analysts’ reports, but even here the calls they give, buy or sell, the price targets they give, may or may not work always.

brokers are there to provide u platform only

If any brokerage house really had any edge or supposedly “best reasearch”, then they wouldn’t be in the broking business.