Which broker to use to transfer German shares to Private Broker?

Hi Everyone,

I have shares in my EquatePlus account which has been purchased thru my company’s internal portal, traded via XETRA (German Stock Exchange).
However, on resignation from my company, I am expected to either sell or transfer my shares to a private brokerage account within a few months from my last date at the company. If I do not do anything, the shares will be automatically sold after a particular time period and the account will be closed.

At the moment, I do not want to sell these shares as I want to keep them as an investment. Therefore, I have to somehow transfer them to a private brokerage account.
Do anyone of you know what I can do to transfer my shares? to be precise which broker I can use here to hold my shares post transfer from EquatePlus, which offers no/low annual maintenance charges and with no minimum deposit, terms & conditions.

I am avoiding to open account with any German broker as I am residing in India and would expecting to have hassle free process where no German documents are required.
Also, If someone could please let me know whether Interactive Brokers could be the best option as I have heard from them that there is no condition of maintaining minimum deposit.

Thanks in advance.


Did you get any answer on this or you had to sell these shares? I am having same issue.