Which charting software other than tradingview saves trendlines i draw on chart?

I draw lines on chart but when i refresh it goes blank on kite tradingview. And on chartiq it erases it eod. I want to keep my research and lines and notes intact. What should i do. Tradingview keeps all the data but it is very limited for free version. Amd it is very costly for me. Is there any charting software that provides this free or lost cost?

Open fyers account. There you can use most of the trading view functionality for free.

When you draw lines on Trading View chart, you will have to save it as layout. After reloading the charts, you will have to load this layout. More here: How to save layout and template on Tradingview charts in Kite web?

The drawings are saved in the local memory of your device. Any changes in the cache will result in your drawings getting deleted. You can change this behaviour by following the steps given here: Why are drawings deleted from my charts when I use ChartIQ?