Which commodity to invest as a begineer?

im new to commodity and have 45000 to invest . Can anyone guide me in which and how to invest??

My suggestion is ,as your begineer,don’t invest huge amount on market,start with small amount and start learning


There are 14 Commodity in MCX segment trade in 25 Scrip.

i would suggest you to trade only in 5-6 scrip

Alumini, LeadM, ZincM, NickelM, CrudeM, CopperM only... which Require less margin with less risk. Dont trade in Gold in beginning..


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If you are a beginner in a commodity market, then this answer will help you how to easily trade in the commodity market. Even the beginner can enter into, in successful commodities trading. Traders can make money in successful commodities trading by selected commodities that they have an interest in and knowledge of first, you find out best MCX commodity tips provider than Successful commodities trading comes down to modulate technical analysis with fundamental analysis. Once traders have trained about  the fundamentals of trading commodities they will choose a commodity to trade such as oil futures or gold future.Successful commodities trading can often come from trading the right commodities at the right time as much as from technical skill. A successful trader maintains an eager interest in just how a successful trade came about and how an unsuccessful trade happened.