Which days i should be carefull while holdings nifty?

Some days index rises fall fluctuate especially impotant days so what are those days and where can i see them inorder to stay away from markets…awaiting your valuable reply thanks in advance

You should turn apprehensive mostly on news based events. Like Rbi credit policy. Results of state government election,central government election results ,Gdp forcast ,Budget day ,any unusual news event globally.

Still market might behave in bizzire manner which is not anticipated by the majority. Even on positive news event there are steep declines. And some times on overwhelming bad news market start catching pace .

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it seems it will be really challenging with the nifty…is there any website where can we see any of such news?

Although it is not possible to monitor market throughout the day for everyone. It is vaible to watch some business channel for at least 15 minutes in morning so one can get all information about news flow going around the globe.

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The RBI credit policy is getting declared June19 month. As per the mandate the RBI will surely give atleast 25bps rate cut. I have checked the same on investorq.com and they are in think tank of 50bps. I am planning to buy Bank Nifty stocks. Dont miss it.