Which discount broker provides software (charting & level 2 quotes) for PC?

I need a good charting & level 2 quotes software without any Real time data lag. Which discount broker provides software (charting & level 2 quotes) for PC?
-2nd preference for full-service brokers.
Kindly give me a solution ASAP bcz. I need to open the account before monday.

Thanks in advance,

Are you going to trade heavy quantities? Why do you require no lag real time quotes?

Slightly lags acceptable…

Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger or zerodha kite should suffice for retail traders.

Will u kindly suggest a few more .exe software for PC ?
eg. Zerodha’s - Pi (but its obsolete)


Thank u & I know Trade tiger is .exe software…
Will u suggest some discount brokers - that have the criteria which I mentioned in Main post…

Stock brokers get only 1 sec snapshot data and its delayed anywhere between few hundred ms to few sec depending on the connectivity infrastructure - your + broker + exchange.

Zerodha offers 20 level market depth but it has not been working for last few months. They do have a great backoffice in console and well tested execution reliability for their size.

If you have cost concerns, go for a zero brokerage firm like FINVASIA which has descent web, mobile and PC application. They come with great support along with NEFT like payout delay. Their backoffice needs work though. But it does show what is needed in an excel like interface.

If you are looking for a great product experience try FYERS. All the features that we love about tradingview html5 charts is available natively in FYERS web. They too have a cool pc and mobile application.

Thank u for giving the exact thing i want…I’ve heard the same Fyers, Finvasia & also Alice blue…
which is the best among these? If u know any other zero brokrg. firm like this then let me know here…
Thanks in advance

To my knowledge there is no one which offers zero like Finvasia. See this - https://www.t7wealth.com/finvasia-the-underrated-broking-house

If you want an all round package and willing to pay Rs.20 per trade go with FYERS.

Real time data lag ?. There will always be spread no matter what. I have never a seen a market that trades with no ask bid spread.

For trading I think trading view is enough.You want a charting software that has loads of indicators which people have made. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any Indian brokers that offer Mt4.
For brokers prefer zerodha, it’s more simpler. Zerodha kite is enough. You can use their given trading view or buy a separate membership in tradingview (you get lot of indicators) or even chart iq

Thank u

Thank u…but I need a good charting & level 2 quotes software for PC.