Which Etf Should I buy?



I Would like to know which ETF follows exact movement of Nifty Cash .



Here you go: zerodha.com/nifty-etf


SBI ETF will be a good choice.


Is there any ETF for Nifty Equal 50 or Nifty Next Equal 50?


What is the best time to start ETF? anyone


Don’t find etf of nifty 50 equal weight age but find mf of nifty 50 equal weihtage.
Here’s link about it.


I’m aware of DSP Nifty Equal 50 MF. Its TER is 0.40 which is quite expensive as passive index funds are considered.

I am looking for:-

  1. Any ETF for Nifty Equal 50
    ETF would reduce the cost furthermore than the respective DSP Nifty Equal 50 MF.

  2. Any ETF or MF for Nifty Next Equal 50
    I am aware of Nifty Next 50 MF by UTI and ICICI. But they don’t have equal weightage. I am also aware of Nifty Equal 100 MF. But I am particularly looking for Nifty Next Equal 50 category.

@siva @Bhuvanesh any idea?


Can anybody provide sample contract note charges breakup for buy/sell of ETF units in demat?





First clarify what exactly you want from your investment, do you have done extensive research on equal weight index strategy? Have you done any backtest? Do this strategy perform far better than mcap weighted index?


Why would you invest in equal weight? a quick comparison of sensex fund with few equal weight funds shows why plain market weighted index funds are fine unless you have a different strategy…

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That’s was my point, thanks.


There is plenty of research, both practitioners and academic out there on the merits of equal weighting. In India, Equal Weight funds don’t have a long record.

But here’s the comparison of SPY (State Street S&P 500 ETF - Cap weighted) vs RSP (Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weighted)

The equal-weighted fund has clearly earned an excess return over the long run.

Here’s UTI Nifty 50 fund vs DSP nifty Equal Weighted fund for the past 1-year

1-year is too little to judge anything.

Here are some good resources on the pros and cons of equal weighting


I’ve already shown the comparison in favor of market weight nifty or sensex. We have principal equal weight fund for past 10 yrs.


No we don’t. Principal changed the scheme attribute to Equal weighting in April 2018. Before that it was a plain vanilla index fund.


ok, but what’s the strategy? there is no strong reason to go for equal weight when our normal index funds/ETFs are good enough. I’m using tech charts to regularly invest in market weight index funds/ETFs for last 7 yrs & have seen good capital appreciation.


How did you arrive at this conclusion? Just because you’ve achieved good returns doesn’t mean that alternate weighting has no relevance. Alternate weighting (Reverse, Equal) are what are called smart-beta funds. There is plenty of academic research on this. THis indexology blog by S&P is a veritable gold mine for perspectives on this. You can explore this if you are really interested. You can also check out academic literature on SSRN




I’ve done a check on equal vs normal S&P 500 ETFs…pls see the trailing returns for Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight ETF –

& for SPDR® S&P 500 ETF -
There’s really not much to talk about…i understand that there’s a lot of theory around equal weights but is it really delivering a far superior returns for any instrument in the world.


Here’s how 10,000 would have grown.