Which is best RBI's retail direct or other bond platform to buy government bonds in India?

I want to invest in government bonds (G-Sec) in India. But confused whether to buy from RBI Retail direct or other bond trading platform like bondsindia (best rated) or harmoney?

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Me too interested to know pros and cons of purchasing gsec from Coin(Zerodha in demat) Vs RBI Retail direct

Hi @Rajiverma @Vinayak_Patil

you will find such info (and various related aspects around it) in existing discussion threads on this forum
by searching for various combinations of terms like - Bonds, GSEC, RBI-retail, <3rd-party bond broker name>, …

Alternately, you could browse through the posts in the Bonds category,
for relevant topics of interest to you in this matter.

Here are a couple of such discussion threads i hope you will find useful…

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The choice between Retail Direct and other bond platforms depends on an investor’s individual preferences and requirements. Retail Direct may be more suitable for investors who are looking for a simple and hassle-free investment experience, while other bond platforms may be more suitable for investors who want a wider range of investment options and personalized advisory services. It is recommended to compare the features and costs of both options before making a decision.