Which is the best ema cross over strategy?

5-20 ema cross over or 9-21 ema cross over for short term trading.Please help me.

Hello Trader,

Assuming you are a beginner trader, and is now ready to take a lot of risk, you could start with a 5 over 20 ema crossover for short-term trading.

As you gain experience you will realize that higher the ema’s for crossover the signal gets better.

After a few months, you will automatically be looking for 20 over 50 ema crossover.

After a few years have passed, now that you have witnessed a few market cycles, you are now looking for 100 over 200 ema crossovers.

This is a process for improvising yourself into pro trader. One thing to remember, do not loose all your chips too early.

Trade Wisely.


I feel 14-73 EMA crossover works the best for Nifty and BankNifty indices in NSE. The numbers look odd but they give the most profitable results in backtest for last 8 years. Here is the backtest summary:

 Paramter Value
  Nifty Bank Nifty
Initial Capital  200000  200000
Final Capital  708740 1727157.50
Backtest Period 02-Jan-2007 to 09-02-2016 02-Jan-2007 to 09-02-2016
Net Profit %  254.37%  763.58%
Annual Return % 14.90% 26.70%
Number of Trades 36 36
Winning Trade % 22.22% 38.89%
Average holding Period 61.28 periods 60.92 periods
Max consecutive losses 9 4
Max system % drawdown -59.29% -59.40%
Max Trade % drawdown -22.08% -97.77%

Read more about his strategy with the downloadable AFL code in the below link:


You use any EMA crossover strategy but there will always be whipsaws in sideways market. Think of how to avoid trading in these sideways markets.