Which is the best liquid ETF to use as collateral for margin

I learned that Zerodha is not entertaining fixed deposits as collateral so I was thinking about mutual fund option and I found their excel sheet so only few options are there …among them which is the best in terms of returns and also safe?

I learned that liquid funds are not as safe as ETF so please suggest only ETF …preferably liquid ETF.
yes etf may give less return but they are safest

Can try liquidbees etf.

Siva am I right in assuming that after the latest budget, no DDT will be applied on LiquidBees and full units in the form of dividends will be transferred to the demat ?

I am not 100% sure but my understanding is ddt will apply if div. total income (from all mf including etf) is more than 5000 Rs.

Just wondering why Zerodha does not accept Fixed deposit ? I think Nithin somewhere said because FDs are not in digital format ? is that the only reason or there is some monetary reason …I mean by pledging shares you get some type of incentive from NSCCL or exchange but by pledging FD you don’t?

I don’t think so since ddt in companies hand had been taken back.

Please search on internet…in the latest budget DDT is not charged to companies …now its charged to individuals.

That’s what I am saying

FDs are pain to handle,most brokers won’t allow it, also we don’t get anything by pledging shares from NSCCL.

Would you mind sharing …why its pain …I mean what do you have to go through ?