Which is the best strategy(Expert advisor) for going long in trades.?

See Expert advisors are like calculators. they will do what you wanted them to do. but what to do is to be decided by you and the result they give also should be interpreted by you whether to buy or sell.

there are no predefined formulas for making profits. You have to understand fundamental of the stock you are going to trade and the observe it for few days and then decide. play with few stocks on regular basis to get better results. if you go different stocks every day then it is difficult to make profits.

select some high beta stocks which swing more than nifty. for ex, ICICIBANK, AXISBANK, SBIN etc.

before you initiate any position you should watch out the stock specific news. Trading is based on news, Investing is based on information. if you trade a stock when the results are going to be announced then it will swing more and difficult to get profits. so regular following of the stock is a must. let it be any stock it will move daily either way all you need to know is the direction and timing. for this daily study of the stock and watching global events, holidays etc are a must.


I stick with stocks whose operations are based in India only so that Those stocks may be less affected due to global events.

I do not trade index for the following reasons.

  1. There are big hands who manage the index. this is open secret. News anchors regularly tell that it is nothing but index management.

  2. following individual stock is easy.

  3. Index instruments change very fast due to over crowding and difficult to execute orders

  4. Especially after Weekly expiry brought to Banknifty more and more index management is going on.

if you are new then concentrate on learning the trading terminal and using keyboard shortcuts etc first.

Try to learn to use various types of orders, even experts may do mistakes when executing orders in haste.

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