Which is the best Technical analysis softwares for Charting & Research purposes?

This is quite relative. I’ve been using Metastock for last several years and I’m happy with it.

I know people also swear by Amibroker.


I guess Esignal is the best of the lot, not just for the interface, but more for the quality of data.


this is a subjective answer. 

the most popular in india are 

1) amibroker 

2) mt4 

3) metastock 

4) spider ---

5) falcon 

the most economical and easy to use is keystock . (  also popular )

although the above are very popular in india . but the best ones are

1) multicharts 

2) tradestation 

3)ninja trader 

then there are certain specific software based on particular form of technical analysis ( eg elliot )

1) advanced get 

2) mt predictor 


if you wanna see only end of day - a free option is chartink.com

PS ----- I AM NOT RELATED TO ANY OF THE ABOVE SOFTWARE COMPANIES  but i am using software from the above list 


The software is a personal preference and specific requirements. For portfolio back test Amibroker is very good and Ninjatrader lacks in true portfolio back test. Market Delta / InvestorRealtime is very best software for bid ask level data processing.

i don’t say that it is best but if investar4.0 is good enough for a trder and investar it is not costly so for small investar it is better for 5min realtime nse witn eod mcx ncdex it cost around 11000 rupes a year with 1 moneth free

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you use metastock with data from which vendor?

Viratech Software.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Esignal allows Indian Index & Stocks also ?..

Yep, they do, quite expensive though, around 14k per month I think.

eSignal customer support is horrible. I have complained so many times to fix the big gaps due to splits in SBIN/Axis/ICICI, but they still appear. I haven’t taken a trade since the time of split. I use continuous contract for analysis, u may want to check this symbol with someone else who has eSignal – %ICICIBANK 1!-NSF
Even for other smaller doubts, u write to them and they take their own happy time to reply. For some doubts, they don’t even reply. Its quite a task to deal with them, since they only have support from the US/Australia.

Great software and easy to use