Which is the best time and day to sell an ipo?

If my ipo is launched on market today, which is the best time and day can i sell it, can i wait for 2 to 3 days for the price to go up, or can i sell it immediately after my ipo is launched on market…

@smilingstalker @sabkaview hope u can help me

i assume you mean an ipo in which you have applied and allotted shares . please note that it is an individual’s call if to hold allotted shares for someday /months/ years or sell immediately on listing.there is no barometer to judge the guaranteed future potential .there has been many many shares which listed at much higher than ipo price but after few months /years there is no trace of these companies and on other hand there are cases like share of 3MINDIA which came out with an ipo @ 10 per share in 1991 (employee quota was under-subscribed and the same was added to public quota) and today after 27 years quotes @24000 per share. in these 27 years since ipo the company never gave any dividend ,split ,rights or bonus. PERHAPS an amusing case in history of share market.

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thanks @sabkaview , i want to know about TCNS and HDFC ipo… when it will be good to sell, and what % hike do u expect…

TCNS face value 2 issued @716 already listed and quoted at discount. based on fundamentals and present market behavior i do not find it attractive even at the quoted price. i did not apply .
Did allotted very few shares in HDFC AMC 1100 per share face value 5 and as grey market suggest premium of 600 ,i would be a seller on listing if it list around 1700.

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if i get allotted in HDFC AMC …

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Well @sabkaview , i hope, i may get good returns in TCNSBRANDS in future…

just taking it in a positive note

ALL THE BEST .Happy investing.

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thanks for your kind wishes @sabkaview