Which is the best time frame or chart for the intraday trading?

Hello Trader,

You can start using a combination of 5min and 1min as attached below:

Follow up:

These charts can be accessed at www.tradingview.com


LEFT CHART 5MIN with 9EMA BLACK line and 200EMA RED line


INDICATORS on both charts are are hadelta (Developed by Dan Valcu) default settings.

5min chart for determining trading opportunity & and 1min chart for timing entry

Hi, Usually the jobbers or scalpers are using one minute charts…Breakout traders are using 5 mins and 15 mins charts…so it’s all depends upon what kind of trader you are. I always using 15 mins charts for my trading strategy

I use 15 minute chart for swing trading and use 1 minute chart for entry.

can you please elaborate with example how to use 1 min chart for entry purpose?
suppose in 5/15 min chart , its a uptrend and price are coming down for correction. then how to use 1 min charts?

me also interested to know , plz answer

So you use 1 min. or 5 min. for entry/exit and 15 or more mins for trend direction?

1 min. for entry but what about intraday?