Which is the best website for ETF screening?

My primary objectives are to sort all ETFs based on AUM, liquidity or expense ratio, filter out based on category and most important of all, accurate and updated data.

By far, the best one I could find is screener by tickertape.in . But numbers there too are wrong sometimes. Then I endup digging those numbers out from the AMC website or factsheet.

Any sort of help is greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Bhuvan Can you.

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Youโ€™ll have to look at the factsheets, Valueresearch, Moneycontrol, Tickertape etc. No alternative, unfortunately :frowning: But we have some ideas on ETF discovery but will take some time.

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How long? Just a rough figure.

Canโ€™t comment on the timelines.