Which is the easiest and best mutual fund investment platform?

Which is the best, cost effective, user-friendly mutual fund platform to create and manage SIPs, conditional orders etc?
I have tried ICICI Direct and Coin. Both are horrible.

I use Paytm Money for all my MF investments and have found it really good.
Not sure what conditional orders are, never used that. For rest all it meets my needs.

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Aah, at least something of PayTm is good !! Hope they are really good so that their stock price will move up someday !!
Conditional is more like a GTT order. We can set on order to be triggered at a specific NAV. So, if NAV now is 50, I can set orders for : 48 - Rs.5000, 45 - Rs. 7000. 42 - 9,000 etc.

Doesn’t Coin offer conditional?

@Neostar Do you think all the MF platforms will be able to offer the features once this update is in place?

While service is good, it is also free. So I doubt stock will beneift from it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think Paytm Money has this feature.

Yes we do, check this article for more details.

We know Coin has. But, it is Coin in present state is painful for various reasons discussed in one other thread.

Try ET Money or Groww

You can look at Kuvera.

Mutual Fund Utilities (MFU) is a platform built by the Mutual Fund industry. They run on a non-profit basis so there are no charges of any sort.

You get access to all Direct Schemes (i.e. you won’t have to pay Distributor Cost which you will have to pay if you invest via HDFC Bank ISA account or ICICI Direct)

SIP, SWP, Switch (E.g. from Liquid Funds to Equity Funds), NFO and other features are available.

All Mutual Funds in India are available on the platform.

You can get same day NAV by using UPI option to transfer money. I have placed orders after 12PM and got the same day NAV without any problem

I have been investing for three years now and I am very happy with the platform.


Kuvera sells your data

In today’s world everyone is selling data.

that’s the truth but coin doesn’t sell your data or does it :thinking:

We have seen what all is happening with NSE. Now, what can we trust about the brokers !!

If you have such a view, how can you believe anything anyone tells you? :slight_smile:

It’s a good platform for investing in all MFs. A single place where all details including personal details , bank accounts etc and all changes can be done which get automatically updated across all funds. Secondly multiple transactions , in different funds can be done simultaneously. Thirdly there are no additional charges to use the portal

If ‘Mutual Funds Utility’ app is that great then I wonder why it is rated only 3.3 Stars on Playstore. (Way behind all the competitors)
@pskale @srinisomala

A general word of caution. Ratings on online stores (be it Google Play or Amazon Marketplace) are easily gamed. It would be wise NOT to consider the ratings on stores as the main factor in deciding whether to opt for a product.

Having said that, maybe some of the negative review comments on the Playstore app can help understand the shortcomings of the Android app (or the platform).

However, note that the MFU platform is NOT just the Android app. In addition to the details in pskale’s and srinisomala’s comments above, i also found this MFU Investor FAQ that describes the features/services offered to investors on the MFU platform. I suppose anyone interested can evaluate for themselves if the features/services offered my this MFU platform are relevant to them or not.

Way behind all the competitors

Interesting. @Stonecold What other similar platforms did you come across?

Apart from Coin there are ET Money, Groww, Paytm Money, Kuvera, myCAMS, IND Money and many others.
All of them are way better than MFU app.
(I have tried 4 of them).
P.S. And ratings do matter bro. Once you use these apps you know.

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