Which market is more risky commodity or equity

.should I start trading in base metals mini lots with 25k capital.


Both have their share of risks associated with them.

Both are exposed to domestic and international events/news.

Coming to commodity:

To trade base metals, you need to keep tab on international commodity price movement, USDINR movement, and news triggers like inventory, major economic data.

And do not forget technicals as well.

For Nifty, technicals should suffice unless its event based day like RBI credit policy, budget/poll result day.

Commodity trading market timings pans to almost 12 hours; while Equity trading spans 6 hours.

If you are working and can only afford to trade in the evening, commodity is the choice for you.

Mini lots of base metals are a good place to start trading.

Ultimately, the choice is your’s. But whichever you choose, make sure you’ve spent enough time tracking/paper trading it.

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commodity is more risky than equity

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good and balanced response, loke4300