Which monitor setup is better out of these two

I have two possible combinations of monitors exclusively for trading purpose.

  1. Two 27 inch monitors
  2. One 32 inch monitor + One 20 inch monitor
    which is better combination for stock trading?

One 43"inch 4k tv

Two 27 inches.

It will look great on your desk because of symmetry.

This is going to be personal preference i think.
Could look at ultrawide too and not have to deal with multi monitor setup. Could use 20 in portrait mode too, if you prefer 32.
Also ppi matters. 1080p 32’’ for instance would look bad, you will see the pixels. 4k 32 should be nice with high ppi, not sure about 1440p.
27’’ 1440p works very well, same ppi as 21 1080p.

By ultrawide you mean 34 inches or bigger?
Yeah even I thinking same, getting a 32 inch 2k + 20 inch monitor in vertical mode.

Any recommendation for 32 inch 4k?

So FHD 277 inch won’t look good?

Which one will be good to use, FHD or 2k?

TV is not good for eyes ad per lot of people.
Do you use 43 inch TV too?

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Yes, say a 38’’ one could be used with multiple windows and you wont have to use 2 monitors. These can be a bit niche and carry a premium ( + has higher tax rate too).

I was looking at gaming monitors so my use case is different, but i think there are some options at around 28k+ in amazon for 32 4k 60Hz. You can look up rtings for detailed review and probably pick IPS for good viewing angles.

I would avoid that, does not really make sense. Might be tolerable for movies and games but i don’t think its worth it for desktop usage. You will also get less real estate ( even if monitor size is more, it will still be smaller desktop area).

What i can say is that 27 1440p works well, and is comfortable. I just bought one for ~22k and its a decent upgrade from 1080p ( 70% more real estate). Normal non gaming monitor should be cheaper than that.

With 32’’ i would not consider 1440p and only next option is 4k.

Easy - 2k at 27’’ or lower.


I am planning to set up trading desk…
pl advise what can be good setup in descent budget

2 27" are good and really helpfull

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Bro 2k or FHD?