Which of the following monitor will provide more screen real estate?

Which of the following monitor will provide more screen real estate?

  1. 34 inch ultrawide (2560 x 1080) https://www.amazon.in/LG-Inches-UltraWide-Full-Display/dp/B0B2JWY3B6?th=1

  2. 32 inch 2k monitor (2560*1440) https://www.amazon.in/LG-Ultragear-32Gn650-Compatible-Freesync/dp/B09YDJ75SH/ref=sr_1_20?keywords=32+inch+2k+monitor&qid=1680873817&s=computers&sr=1-20

The main purpose is to use monitor for Stock Trading and Programming.

The first one has a max brightness of only 250nits, definitely not enough unless you never open a window or have a bright light on. Would recommend atleast around 400nits.

They both have pixel density of lower than a 100ppi. Would recommend atleast ~150ppi for monitors.

So, you might be better off with different monitors than these.

Thank you for your quick response brother.
My Laptop doesn’t support 4k, the graphics card is Nvidia GEforce GT 540M and max resolution it can support is 2560*1600. Hence I got only these two options.
BTW what will happen if I connect my laptop to a 4k?
Also, I already got a 20 inch monitor and need another one to pair with it. The other option I got is to buy two 27 inch FHD, but then I will have to scrap my current 20 inch monitor. Also FHD at 27 inch won’t be good either. Hence I am looking for a large size monitor.
So again, which of these will be comparatively better?

Just go with 27’’ 1440p - 2560×1440 then, It works well and is a very nice upgrade from 21 1080p for me. Its also pretty cheap, sort of in a sweet spot right now in terms of features and pricing.

1440p gives some ( 33.33%) extra vertical space vs 1080p which is good for coding, so much better vs 1080p ultrawide which is only wider but with same vertical space.

And 32 2k probably has no advantage over 27 2k ( perhaps acceptable for movies) as you can use 27 1440p without any need to zoom, so why go for lower ppi - desktop real estate will be same only stretched over larger area.

Also look at other things as Ashwin said, ppi / color stuff / ergonomics/ brightness etc. rtings has very detailed reviews. Example. And maybe prefer popular models so that you have more info and can look out for issues/tradeoffs.

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