Which order will execute in basket order 1st buy or sell?

If I made credit spread using basket order in bank nifty will it execute buy 1st then sell later. Cuz I am worried of my order not getting executed or might get fined by NSE.

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it will execute in the order which you arrange it…top to bottom… you can drag and drop in the order you want them to execute

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Thank you bhai :slight_smile: .

The orders in the basket will be executed as per the order in which it has been arranged. If there are five orders in the basket, the first one you made will be executed at the beginning and the fifth one at last. So, it is recommended to arrange orders accordingly.

And sir what would happen if we want to exit at once. Will the trade exit at once or will they exit orderly?

Will exit orderly only, in a way this helps as one will get margin benefit upfront than executing at once.

So how it will exit FIFO or LIFO?