Which platform is very fast either nest or zerodha trader?

I trade only on “gmr infra”.But it takes very much time to be executed on nest.So is this issue is with nest or it is from the market only.

Both are same. As different brokerages are in tie up with Omnesys, the name changes.

For sure Zerodha trader or Nest trader is faster than ODIN, KEAT PRO. I have personally experienced this. I didn’t check Trade Tiger yet.

If you experience this for market order for GMR, with your system is fast enough & and with fast internet connection, it is better to contact Zerodha support.

Happy trading

For scrips like GMRINFRA, it takes very high time for your limit order to execute because these are low price shares. What happens in low price shares is that if someone wants to buy shares worth 1 lakh, they will buy 1,00,000/17.75 = 5633 shares, If be buys in intraday he could even buy 17072 shares at 3x (MIS) leverage or 1,22,473 shares in 21.7x (Cover Order/Bracket Order).

So there is a big queue at same same price say 17.80 rupess alone, 2 lakh shares will be waiting to match a buyer or a seller. This information you could see in the market depth window. Snapquote or DOM, we say.

If already some 2 lakh shares are waiting and you place an order of 1000 shares, then you are the last in the queue @ 17.8 rupess price. So it will take huge time for your order to execute.

Observe the BId and Offer economic times webpage of GMRINFRA to understand this. The value in brackets is the quantity. Economic Times windows is very delayed information, dont use it for actual trading. Link below.

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I think the issue should be pertaining to the counter (scrip) which you are buying or selling. There should be volume in buying/selling of the particular scrip. That’s why the delay in order execution. I don’t think NEST has anything to do with it, it is one of the fastest software that I have experienced in my trading career. NEST works pretty fast on low bandwidth internet connection, even 56Kbps speed is good enough.

But, do check out with Zerodha support team, and get it clarified.