Which programming language to use?

Which language is better for coding Trading Strategies?. I am familiar with Python, C++ and R.

And please list the necessary libraries to build strategies.

If you’re familiar with coding and want to make use of that knowledge to help with your trading, you should check out kite.trade, a service by Zerodha that allows you access to their APIs to leverage your knowledge of programming to build your custom trading platform. Check out the kite.trade/forum to interact with like minded developers.

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Pandas in python along with Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy, Deco, pandas_datareader, Zipline (of quantopian). I suggest that u go for the anaconda distro.

Pandas is just yet, not yet there , but is catching up with R.

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and in the Pandas Club, a special Red-Carpet welcome is given by a Panda-Hug

@PavanKishore How do you install zipline with conda? Tons of errors for me, did you manage to install it

@Aditya_Bhat: This will ensure minimal errors while installing libraries

  1. Whenever possible, use only Conda Install.
  2. If the library that you want is not available in the main repository , check anaconda cloud and use the Conda install.
  3. If still not available, then only use the standard Python pip install.

Check This: https://anaconda.org/quantopian/zipline

Thanks bro!!! @PavanKishore