Which result to see consolidated or standalone?

Requesting to post view on which result to see for the company to analyze performance.
Is it consolidated or standalone?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Whether to see the quarterly result or annual?
What top/main we see in resut. Net profit,ROE,ROCE,Sales,Debt ?

Consolidated results.
Quarterly as well as annual both r imp.
Mainly we see net profit growth, Debt

Sir I have data of company fundamentals of NSE stocks, can you suggest me any formula/theory on how to use it. I am new to trading.

Hey @nikhil_agarwal

Varisty is a good place to start. Its comprehensive and detailed. Plus its free.

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As mentioned above consolidated result has higher importance.
We should see both Annual Report and than quarterly reports.

Main items to see are

  • Sales Growth (Absolute Sales Numbers and % growth)

  • Net Profit (absolute profit and the % profit growth)

  • Net Profit Margin (see the profit margin of last 5 years, if its stable - means company is able to maintain price command, if margin is declining means business is facing compeition or decline of sales)

  • Return on Equity (ROE %) - See the trend of last 5 years

  • Return on Capital Employed - See the trend of last 5 years

  • Debt to equity ratio - See the trend of last 5 years

  • Most important is to see the PE ratio and its trend in last 5 years (meaning how much we are paying for the earnings).

In some specific scenarios when you want to zoom into a specific area/organization - standalone results is useful.