Which Schedule should be chosen for STCG on T-Bills

Hi,while filing ITR2, I need to specify the STCG received due to T-Bill redemption. Can someone please let me know which one should be selected among the following schedules?

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Firstly you have to check whether you have paid STT on purchase of T-Bills.

As per my understanding STT is levied on that also but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t invested in T-Bills. (I have tried GS and STT is levied on that)

So, second option should be choosen where Tax rate applicable is 15% (Equity share or unit of Equity Oriented MF under section 111a)

Incase STT is not paid 6th Option should be selected where tax rate is slabwise (From Sale of assets other than all the above listed items)

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@GoutamHebbar Thanks for your response bro. I looked at the DMat P&L report and noticed that STT is not paid for T-Bill.So, I chose option-5 but it is not showing STCG in it- Mine is 180 day T-Bill which falls under STCG. Can you please provide any further inputs on this?

I edited my answer, you have to select 6th option instead of 5th…

In 5th option is applicable for LTCG, where as 6th option is applicable for both STCG & LTCG

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