Which script is best for intraday trading

i have selected to trade futures intraday. which one is better to trade index future or stock futures? and 1 script or multiple? and how to select the particular index or stocks in ur opinion

In index futures Nifty & Bank Nifty you can choose because those will have more volatile and trending.

In stock futures we can’t stick to specific scripts. Stocks may move more sometimes but chances are high that sideways days are more if we stick to particular scripts. Some trading Scripts are there which have good volatility even then index but those are low in value but very dangerous if we not use proper stops. E.g. Relience comm, IDFC, Jpassociates etc.,

Snowman Logistics is currently the best. It is at cheap valuation compared to the industry and when GST bill will come to effect it’ll be flying high. Trust me and remember my post, and when it shows $$$, do remember me. :slight_smile:

Then so-called “experts” will be all over your television sets probably urging you to buy at those valuations.

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pehle index futures, afterwards stock futures.

thr r only 3 index futures right now in india which are having good liquidity.


Nifty, BankNifty are definitely the best to trade. Besides, you can also see AxisBank, TataMotors, BHEL, LT, and TCS.

axis and tata are good.

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Can i reframe your question as "Which is the best intraday strategy?"

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the best script is the script u believe is the best simple lel.backtest all and the best result u get and satisfied with just follow it and enjoy

thanks for ur reply. i have decided to not go to cash market and no to stock futures .
i have decided to stick with primarily nifty intraday and along with banknifty( only after nifty) and then add cnx IT. and decided to trade 1 lot of nifty F&O for possitional only based on sutiation. give me ur opinoin

For intraday trading stocks you can choose bank nifty sectors you will get atleast 1 bank for good movement for good entry and exit

i would suggest Nifty futures: