Which SIP should i go for the next 3-5 years?

Hello all
I’m new to the investments.
And recently opened account with zerodha.
I’m using coin platform for direct mutual funds.
I started with two direct elss mutual funds, so as to save money.

Now i want to dig more into mutual funds, so i need some guidance from fellow members that which SIP should i start for the next 3-5 years and how much should i invest monthly.

Thanks in advance

You could diversify your Mutual fund holdings, where each fund is designed differently in terms of returns and what it contains.
Balanced funds give you a mix of equity and debt so the risks are lower than just equity and so are the returns.
If you have a higher risk appetite, then you could invest some into midcap/smallcap funds. There are largecap funds too which are more stable.

You also have money manager funds which offer a consistent return higher than FD rates.

This really depends on how much you can invest. 5k and/or multiples of 5k every month are good amounts to invest.

Thanks for the information.
Can you suggest me some good funds to invest in?

I’m curious, if suggested would you invest in those funds? :thinking:

Why no? Or atleast i will have some base knowledge for RnD and comparisons.

Go for one large cap, one multicap and one mid-small cap.
Eg SBI bluechip, Franklin bluechip, Mirae asset India opportunities
Motilal most35, Franklin High growth,
HDFC mudcap opportunities, Reliance smallcap,
You can find many in valueresearch, moneycontrol, ET…
Invest through SIP mode for long term…