Which time frame is usefull in chart 1,5,15 or 30 minute for intraday

I am using EMA crossover in 1 minute time frame for buy sell, but every time decision goes wrong, Should I change time frame 5, 15 or 30 minute to take accurate decision what is best timeframe for intraday in charting

I’m not sure about the exact combination you need to use.

However I can confidently tell you that using 1 min data is not a wise choice simply because 1 min data does not contain information, it contains noise. You need to be trading information and not noise.

Try and increase your time frame, hopefully this should help.

Good luck.


Intra day trading started after 1990. Moving averages are invented before that so, they do not work efficiently in intraday. Use super trend or MAMA indicator in Intraday trading. Next Longer the timeframe signal strength is high. So use daily Moving averages as direction and Super Trend for entry/exit .

Use suitable time frame where you can date stop loss comfortably.

Good luck


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15 minutes would be good, if you are looking at overall day trend.

5 mins is ok for quick entry and exit. This is my personal opinion.

1 min is bad, it only creates emotion driven losses.


I will go with @AastroGuru, 5 Mins and 15 Mins are ideal (for quick entry/exit), but if you want to do relax trading increase it to 1 Hour or even 1 Day.

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5 or 10 minutes of "2D & 3D trading technique" is optimal.

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Yes today I will try to use 5 min. time frame, and I got easy than 1 min time frame
and also realize where 1 min time frame shows uptrend that actually downtrend in 5 min. frame thank you for your valuable opnion

Thanks and I’m glad to know :slight_smile:

I think supertrand indicator is not available on ZT terminal. and if avail how to add it
thank you for your valuable opnion

thanks for your idea it’s very useful for me…my suggestion is 30 min or 1 hour time frame are to make a correct decision…

Best Time frame for intraday is 5 minutes. For trend pickup confirm also Nifty50 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes chart is also showing that the signal line will be crossing stochastics, macd etc downward or upward