Which type stock are best for INTRADAY

Many time stop loss hit , high beta or low beta stock , which type stock are best

Hi Muktar,

For intraday, it is best to stick with the top 50 or so liquid stocks where there is highest institutional interest. Most (if not all) will be F&O stocks.

I am pasting the list of stock that I typically trade; you might want to get the list even shorter to < 100. You should also refer to NSE’s website for most active stocks in terms of volume:

If your stop losses are being hit frequently , it means either:

  1. SL are too tight OR
  2. you are trading high volatility Or
  3. both of the above

Here’s what I suggest:
1- Keep an eye on the ATR (Average True Range) indicator of the stock and keep your stop loss (and position size) accordingly. The basic idea is to give the stock enough “breathing room” so that it can settle down before marching in the desired direction. By keeping the SL too tight, a minor price spike can kick us out of some very profitable trades.
2- Wider the SL, smaller the position size should be.
3- A very active of today (PC Jeweller for example) can be a very thinly traded stock of next day. So watch out for the volume on THAT day before initiating the trade. I avoid trading in low volumes because the Bids/Asks are not deep enough to ensure a smooth price movement.

Hope this helps…



Hello neha madam. :smile:
I see that u keep a lot of stocks on your monitor.

I would say that swing offers better opportunities than intraday.

The only problem with swing is that you can’t play it on the short side (unless taking a Futures position- which can be a super high risky trade).

Therefore, I try to do both- depending on where the opportunity lies; like today, day traders made money hand over fist whereas swing traders would have run for cover.

So, every trading style has some pros and some cons :slight_smile:

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By swing, I meant F&O only.
Swing denotes F&O only though. At times, BTST can be more risky than intraday.

Whereas Delivery is not really a swing bcuz its meant for investors & not for traders bcuz traders use leverage for taking positions.

You nailed it @Neha_Raghuraman Trading style should be adjusted based on market conditions. Intraday, Swing, BTST or vice versa all depends on what the market and that stock in particular says after your research.

I personally prefer non-nifty50 F&O stocks for intraday- there is more volatility/momentum in them.
If i trade before 945, its usually F&O stocks which have had good pre-market activity.
Post 945, it usually F&O top gainers/losers or those breaking support/resistance.

Does VRDNation provide the trading platform with charts or is it we need hv trading platform before taking live trading room service from VRDnation.?

We use the same trading platforms as others (Zerodha, Sharekhan and Interactive Brokers) so our traders trade with whatever suits them the best.

We do have custom built functionalities on Amibroker (for screening & intraday/EOD scanning), Interactive Brokers (intraday scan) and Zoho Reports (for analysis, sliding/dicing information) that all our traders have free access to.


OK, thanks fr the info.

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