Which was your biggest fluke trade ever?

Mine was in September 2018. It was a part of my routine buys around this time that I stock up on Sugar cos as since the start of Ganesh Chaturthi the seasonal demand for Sugar picks up until the end of Diwali.

I bought ~8 Lakhs worth of sugar counters and expected to make the usual 10-15% return and get out. The very next day Government allowed Sugar mills to make ethanol directly from Cane and Sugar mills became fuel companies overnight. I had no clue this was to happen.

The sugar counters were in upper limit for a week straight.Absolute madness. Had 3x my trading capital by Diwali.

It happens rarely but when it does feels like magic. Which were yours ?



i had puts on the day of demonetisation in 2016. it was an incredible day with both demonetisation announcement and unexpected victory of donald trump. easily my craziest trading day ever