Whipsaws in Bollinger Bands

In the above screenshot , i took a short position after hitting the upper tag with negative value in Accumulation/Distribution oscillator value still the stock gave me a whipsaw.

In the 2nd Pic , took a buy position when it hit the lower band with Positive value in Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator value still it gave me a whipsaw.

Kindly explain what went wrong here…I used to trade successfully with bolligerbands initially but now am on the verge of busting my account.
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oh dear, where do i begin.

  1. Stop day trading.
  2. Technical indicators are lagging , Price action don’t care about technical indicators.
  3. This is important, i can’t stress enough. 95% of stocks are highly(90%) correlated to nifty. There is no point day trading individual stocks.
  4. Very very poor returns and low volatility intraday on most liquid stocks.

I know you will be disappointed to hear all the above reasons.

if you want to save your money. STOP DAY TRADING.

look to short/medium term trading or investing.

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