Who and how determines the opening rate of NSE or Individual Scrip?

Eg. How does NIFTY open @ 8015 in the morning at market opening at 09:15 AM, means who controls this rate of 8015. Also, certain scrip like INFY opens @ 3809, who and how?

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Have you ever heard of something called a Pre-Open session at the stock exchanges?

Here you go.

Let me breiefly explain what it is!

Since markets were very volatile during the opening period say 9:15 to 9:20, NSE decided to have something called pre-open session to identify what the majority of traders have in their mind (in other words, the price with which if the market is opened, most of the traders/orders will get satisfied).

So they collect orders from all the traders who place orders from 9:00 to 9:07 am. After collecting the orders they analyze what is the price that majority of the traders are quoting. This is called price discovery. I have given a detailed explanation of how price is determined in below link. (take a good amount of time to understand the price discovery method in below link, otherwise it will confuse you slightly)


That’s how the opening price is determined.

INFY opens @3809 means, most of the buyers and sellers have matched their price st 3809. This has got nothing to do with some big hotspot sitting in the topmost floor of NSE and fixing the prices. Hope you get it! :slight_smile:

Also NIFTY is an calculated index based on all 50 underlying stocks. So nifty’s price is discovered on the same method of collectively using the opening prices of all 50 underlying stocks.

Hope this clears you!

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Thank you, so much @AastroGuru, it was a very exhaustive read, understood most of the things. Thanks.

So, this shoud happen at 9:15AM, but I see NIFTY changed at 9AM. ANy clue why?

This change happens anywhere between 9:07 to 9:08 am or exactly at 9:15 am in most trading terminals.
What you see at 9 am could be the change due to previous days closing price.
For example in google finance, ticker closes at 3:30 pm, and stays in the same value as Last Traded Price. After that NSE calculates closing price at 3:40 and declare it.
But the price in google finance window will still show the LTP at 3:30 pm and does not change into Closing Price.
Next day monring exactly at 9 am, the price changes to closing price of yesterday 3:40 pm. This is what you are watching may be.
So at 9:08 also there will be change in ticker price, which will the opening price of today.
Hope you get what I am saying!