Who are DP (Depository Participants)? Name few of reputed DP companies

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DPs act as an agent to a Depositary. While there just two depositaries (CDSL and NSDL) there many DP in India.

You can find the list here —> http://www.sebi.gov.in/cms/sebi_data/attachdocs/1399893409187.pdf

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When you trade the markets you need two types of accounts, trading and demat. Trading is what you open with a member of the exchanges (NSE, BSE), so using your trading you buy/sell on the exchanges.

Demat is what you open with a member of Depository participants (NSDL, CDSL), demat is where your stocks that you buy through the trading account is kept in an electronic format.

To trade on F&O you need only a trading account, but to trade in equity for delivery you will need both trading and demat.

So DP is the one who provides the demat account, most brokers (members of exchanges) are usually also DP’s.

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I wanted to know what role does DP play?

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demat services

To trade in equity for intraday also demat account is required. Thought of adding this as delivery is only mentioned here

How Private limited shareholders hold their shares in demat form ?

Do they need any DP ? Does it is safe ? I mean are there any chances of fraud ?

Private limited companies can opt for shares to be in Demat form, but it isn’t mandatory.

Yep, to hold any shares in Demat, you will need a depository participant like Zerodha. Once the shares are in your Demat, it as safe as it can be.

Fraud where? at DP or at the company?

At DP now there is no need of POA to be given to DP, so risk of fraud is almost 0. If there is a fraud at company, then it doesn’t matter Demat or non Demat, you will be affected.

Company does keep all the records of shareholders. Right ?

Who can become DP ?


I mean other than brokers. Who can register as DP.

Banks be it a cooperative bank , nationalized bank or private banks . some of the cooperative banks who are DP …Cosmos bank , Janta sahakari bank , Kalupur sahakari bank etc . you will only have demat account and trading account can be with any broker who permit demat outside .
you got to give delivery on share sale Either through physical DIS or Speed e ( nsdl ) easiest (cdsl) .

First read my first question than comment.

This is from CDSL, following entities are eligible to become Depositary Participant.

For more information, you can refer to this article on CDSL website.