Who are these guys?

I am very new to market and i am learning to trade , esp intraday,

My goal is to learn and earn at least an average 10k per month, 1 year down the line and to earn at least a 1 lakh per month 7-8 years down the line.

I have below question.

When almost everybody knows, that we should enter trade at Support/Resistance.

Who are these guys then ? who take positions in middle?(Yellow line)

No one knows. And it’s not important to know, IMO.

You are ambitious,but if you focus on the money, you ll have heartbreaks. Serious heartbreaks.

The irony is we are here for the money, but the more you detached from money, the more you can last.

Lasting and surviving is all you need. The answers ll come along.

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hey Ronin,

Thanks for the reply, i just try to loose not more than 100 bucks daily, i just buy/sell 10-20 shares MIS, for learning,
But i find it really difficult or i have no clue when i makes loss,

What i have observed is, when i enter a trade with my limited knowledge, the price travels in opposite direction from that point :slight_smile: most of the time :slight_smile:

well support and resistance is not holi grail strategy… like any other strategy it too has fair share of success and failure…

the price isn’t going to always obey support and resistance levels… the big boys who drive the prices can do whatever they want, all we can hope is we are on the right trend with them…

:smiley: welcome to the club :smiley:

this is the most normal thing which happens to a trader… all we can do is to have proper risk management system so we protect our capital in long run… returns? well they will come when they want to :sweat_smile:

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The most important question to ask in trading is WHAT.

WHAT is happening tells you the “price action”.
WHO tells you the “volume”.

Depending on your timeframe, take action based on price action and volume which are leading indicators.

STOP LOSS tells you WHEN you need to take action.

HOW, WHY are irrelevant at that instant or can wait - lagging indicators. Post the trading session closure you will get the details if there are any bull deals, prominent investor buying or selling etc.

Risk management:

  1. How much percentage of your total capital you risk per trade.
  2. How much loss should you allow your trade to go against you.

The above 2 decides how long you survive in the market. The longer you survive the odds are the more money you make if you limit the losses and let the gains run through trailing stop loss.

Behavioral aspects:

  1. How effectively you control your fear, greed, hope has a lasting impact on your trading performance and longevity.
  2. Preparation meets opportunity. So, prepare for the trade before and have action plan in place so there are less surprises during the trading day.
  3. You must be ready to constantly LEARN from all your losses and gains, document them even mentally and try not to repeat the mistakes.


It takes a lot of time to master the trading art and so enormous patience and loss bearing mentality is required.

Well, I have written some aspects that help me. Hope you will find them useful.


most of the strategy that i read or have come across untill now are to draw support and resistance, using diffrent things like trendlines, EMA , pivot points etc.

What are other strategy, that you use which doesnt use R/S, could you please give some exapmples

These are mostly retail investors who are taking position for long term. They usually do not concern themselves with these technicalities and whenever the price seems reasonable to them, they start taking positions.

I suggest you to read following books. you will know the answer.

  1. Your Trading Coach (YTC) YTC Price Action Trader full course
  2. Books on Decision Point (DP) by “nifty nirvana”

Best of luck

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Support_Resistance theory is just “one” of the many many theories out there.
Only may be 2-3% traders trade as per the theory.

Lets have a joint venture where u give me calls, i take opposite trades n we both make money?