Who can see my trade at zerodha


If I take any trade using kite, who at zerodha can see my trade. Is there restrictions applied on seeing tradebook of clients? Want to know more on this @nithin

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If you call us up to place a trade, the dealer gets access to check/place from our dealing terminal (this is post you authenticating your ZPIN when you call us).

Our Risk management team will see popups of clients who lose more than 50% of trading capital.

This is how it is usually with all brokerage firms, around the world.


You mean 50% loss in active trades (still not closed)?

Yes, if one is making 50% loss of their trading capital with position still open.

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When session of dealing terminal expires for a client. Once client put down the call, what if dealer is interested to check the trade history of last few months? Is that possible?

is there any minimum capital , what about 100 rupees balance and 50 rupees loss ?

@nithin Hello, i want detailed brokerage, all the charges report at end of day for the executed orders . Where will I get it ??

You can find this in the contract note we send to you at the end of each day you have traded. Below is a screenshot of a sample contract note which shows how the charges appear.

Is that only for margin trading or all trades? Also does that include long positions on Options?

One need to pay full premium for long options.