Who is most credible high quality auditor in INDIA

Since most of the financial analysis is based on company audit and statements. I have few doubt

Are company audit always true?

How Satyam shares failed? At that time company statement had some clue of something about company future or not?

Small company of one or two crores doesn’t give true company data to CA for auditing then how these big company has reliable statements of profit and lost etc

Who is most trusted auditor in INDIA?

Accounts of money received and money disbursed are recorded in legders and journals. As such they can be cross checked to ascertain the truth.

For big companies, auditors do sample surveys to see if the accounts are correct. Double entry system is quite robust.

Whatever fraud happens, happens with the collusion of auditors, and happens in mostly things where cash isn’t involved, viz. Goodwill, Amortization, Sales recognised (though cash not received).

How about latest Reliance Episode of Fraudulent trading practice and NSE’s special treatment of colocation traders,

And to add to this pathetic performance of Market regulator SEBI, it never felt shame for sleeping for more than ten years.

In reliance case it self Rs. 447 Crores would have become 5000 Crores even on conservative estimate., but what SEBI ordered? Just interest and amount earned through fraud.

This looks more lucrative isn’t?

Anyone can do fraud and earn 10 crores and use that to earn even more. At the worst you may be liable to pay mere 10% of your earnings. Interesting Right ?

companies getting land at cheaper rates and they are taking loan using this land and diverting the money to other businesses instead of creating new factory and jobs.

90% Economy is running in fraudulent methods. You take anything. Cheating is Business and many take this as profession. Exchanges are not an exception.

It is the traders who are generating data and same data is sold back to traders at exorbitant rates by exchanges.

Learn to live with these kind of stuff.

I just vented my anger against the system not against any individual.

@ZT2048 I find this interesting when looking at how “creative” a company can be while reporting.

Modified C-Score

You can find that score for most of the companies (except for financial institutions) on Value Research Online.

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