Who was stupid to sell 4400 quantity share @ 5 rupees which worth maybe 2Lakh rupees Per share

Elcid Investment traded 4400 qty @ 5 on 9 August 2018

Their holding valuation above 2 Lakh Rupees

Can not understand

Who bought is richest now

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Buddy please mind your language, I sold 3000 today

Why are you being offensive, and what do you mean 2 lac per share? Its bought at 4.5 rs and sold at 5.9 rs, so profit for me

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Elcid investments the share which has been demated recently is being quoted around 65000-85000 by unquoted share dealers , hold some % holding in Asian paints . the share is hardly traded and if at all there is a trading it is ALWAYS single trade of few shares every few months and surely the single trade of 4444 shares at rs 5.89 per share can not be a normal trade under any circumstances.

If u had 3 share u wouldn’t be here :slight_smile:


Why is the stock not getting its fair price . Can someone explain.

Last traded price years ago and as per rule there has to be trade within the circuit limit of 2/5/10 and 20 percent only. there should be rule for fresh price discovery as like in all d-merger cases if a share do not trade for 6 months or so.

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Yes , is there any way by which a trader can exploit this opportunity for his profit.

Exploitation generally of any kind isn’t good.

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AT 99.99% times such shares are not tradable /not available when you put a buy order ! TRY a bse listed share TAPARIA TOOLS LTD 505685 is the code . the quotes shows rs 55.75 buyer uc and last traded on 29 february 2016 in physical form. now available in demat mode but never traded.
private dealer are quoting around 1300-1700 per share.
in my view :THERE SHOULD BE PRICE DISCOVERY PROCESS as in case of new listing or re-listing IF A SHARE HAS NOT TRADED FOR CONTINUES 3 MONTHS so as to take out present real value and keep the share regularly traded.


In stock market, if there is any opportunity guaranteeing profit, its a trap

So just ignore such opportunities


IS THERE ANY FORUM /PORTAL where we can discuss / deal about d listed /unlisted shares ? there are many attractive shares in unquoted market but these private dealers are quoting the buy-sell spread very high .

Who would buy or trade in such companies? Elcid?

Another such share is Vadilal dairy which last traded on bse on 12 July 2002 at rs 4 per share but now being quoted around 300 -500 by private dealers.