Why a lot of Options trader use and advocate non-web based Broking Platforms

I have been researching and studying the F&O markets(with primary focus on Options) for a couple of months now. What I have seen common across most of these traders is that most of them use one or the other thick client (desktop application) based broking platforms and even recommend that.

One issue they all mention is that sometime the trades may get hanged and not execute at all on web based platforms such as Zerodha. Personally, I do not see any logic why that would happen.

In my opinion Zerodha has a better technology stack than any other broker in the country. Can any expert throw some lights on this argument given by most of these Option trader against web based discount broking platforms.

I think they use NEST or some thick client because they might be managing accounts of multiple clients. Most web based clients dont provide that. Also study their entry age in the market. People who come from Pre-Smartphone/SaaS era would naturally have a liking towards thick clients as they dont trust websites.

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