Why ADANI GREEN IS rising so drastically ?

Can anyone answer this question ?

I has reached 30 to 243 within a year. Almost 600% return within a year. And that is beacuase government trying to reduce the energy pruduction from descructive methods and trying to promote more green energy production i.e., wind energy and solar etc and Adani Green is kind of leading player in that, and since inception it was facing losses just started showing profits in recent quarters and attracted many investors.
But the scrip is touching its UPPER LIMIT & LOWER LIMIT any day so it lacks liquidity. It is hard to get in and by luck if u get the stock, It is hard to get rid of as it stucks in “Only Sellers” condtion.

I would be cautious of the stock, I found some of FII’s which have high stake in the company have stakes in other fraud/cheap stocks which are just pump and dump stocks and fake news of their new orders etc etc are made public and retailers are duped at higher levels. No matter how good any company is prices which are beyond reasonable PE ratios never sustain for longer periods. When euphoria subsidies, panic reigns.

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Agree with u gautam bhai. The stock should NOT be considered for now as a investment as its fundamentals are xtremely weak currently.
Most importantly, More than half of the promoters’ stake is pledged. So currently it would be good to avoid the stock