Why am I getting this error message?

2FA is not enabled. I think its high time that Zerodha switch to a better database management system. The data never sync real-time and gives wrong information most of the times. It’s hard to trust what it shows.

After a few try-s I am able to login. When I login I see this.

  1. It fails to fetch the data. OFTEN.
  2. The positions are exited positions. No real time updates. Zerodha update the accounts as and when they feel like it.


Another Instance.

I can keep doing this everyday. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you experience this during market hours?

Yes, The database never syncs real-time.

However, the login issue was at night. but that is not an excuse. I would expect the system to work seamlessly.

Due to our internal processes, you won’t be able to log in from about 12 AM to 6 AM. This will be possible in the next update to Kite which will be out soon.

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It’s great to know that new Kite is upcoming. Will it happen this month? I hope you will also correct db sync issues.

2FA problem is still there. I’m new to Zerodha and i’m having serious apprehensions about my choice of trading platform.

This mostly Happen When They Perform any Maintenance.

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Dont worry you are in safe hands of zerodha . Its part of the maintenance activity that some times give 2F2 errors.

I also faced this issue during live trading. Hope it gets fixed soon.