Why am I leaving Zerodha?

I have been trading through Zerodha for a long time. I like it because it’s simple, fast and light. When I started using it many years ago it was the best technology broker in India but now it is lagging behind fast.

Updates related to technology in Zerodha are coming very late and people are waiting. In the setup I trade with, I have to place multiple MIS LIMIT orders and all have the same risk management and as soon as one of them gets executed I cancel the rest. I have to do this manual in Zerodha and also have to spend a lot of time in the program with the help of Python, but just now I saw a broker who is in the name of Dhan, he gives the option of TRADINGVIEW WEBHOOK which is amazing that too for absolutely free . It is perfect for my setup, I have now traded it and it is working perfectly so now I have to shift from ZERODHA to DHAN.